Atlas relief

In the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, people live through agriculture and traditional livestock farming. Every winter that comes is a new challenge for them: the challenge of survival, in the most difficult weather conditions.
The freezing cold and the heavy snowfall aggravate the suffering of these populations. Thousands of villages are cut off from the world, with almost no means of supply during the long winter months.
Children, sick people, and pregnant women have no access to basic medical care.

Today, human beings are still dying because of cold and isolation.

Every winter, ATAA Foundation organizes the Atlas Relief winter campaign. It consists in several humanitarian missions, during which our volunteers provide assistance to these people, in the most remote areas. Dozens of tons of food are distributed as well as warm clothes and blankets to fight the cold. Your donations and your support allow the survival of these villagers.
Together, with Ataa Foundation, we show them that despite their isolation, they are not alone, that they are not left to their fate and that in front of these difficulties; your generosity makes it possible to move mountains.


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