A school and orphans house

The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, « The one who cares for an orphan and myself will be together in Paradise like this » and he held his two fingers together to illustrate.

This is an opportunity to be amongst the ones that the prophet peace and blessings be upon him has described, by providing a home and education to orphans, and also by helping people in distress, as they are still suffering from the last earthquake in Lombok, Indonesia.

By supporting ATAA Foundation in this project and through a single donation, you can:

  • Build an Orphan house accommodating 205 children (age 3-18) who are currently homeless after the devastating 2108 Earthquake in Lombok, Indonesia.
  • Build a school and provide access to education, especially for girls (+70 girls) and the opportunity to obtain a recognized high school degree
  • Provide Islamic education to this new generation (learning the Quran, hadith, Islamic sciences, etc.)
  • Enable them to have access to recreational and sports activities
  • .. or simply offer these children a better future!

The project:

We are building a modern and fully equipped Orphans House and a School that will accommodate more than 200 children (total 2000 Sq. meters / 21500 Sq. feet built). The different buildings will follow the earthquake-resistant standards and will include:

2 Main buildings

10 Classrooms

12 Dormitory rooms (16 beds capacity each)

20 Shower units and toilets

1 Kitchen


1 Cantine

1 Library

1 Administration office

1 Central court

1 Play ground


  • Construction cost (1900 square meters built) 146,000 USD
  • Equipment and Furniture cost – school and Orphanage 27,000 USD

(Chairs, tables, offices, beds, kitchen, etc.)


Their story:


On August 5th 2018, a magnitude 7 earthquake hit the island of Lombok in Indonesia, causing extensive damage and destruction. It was followed by 4 different earthquakes, including a magnitude 7.5 earthquake and a tsunami that hit the island of Sulawesi. These earthquakes and their consequences have caused more than 8000 deaths.

ATAA Foundation responded to the appeal and sent a team on the field to provide support and emergency assistance on Lombok Island. This included a medical assistance and food aid, with several tons of food distributed to the earthquake victims, as part of our #FeedingHope project. Our actions target the most vulnerable groups such as children and orphans.

The Tanjung orphanage and School was completely destroyed by the earthquake that hit Lombok Island. This school-orphanage used to accommodate 205 children, from 3 to 18 years, mostly orphans and children from poor families. For most of them, especially girls, it was the only chance to have a home and to go to school.

Today, half of the children have had to leave and no longer attend any school. The others survive in difficult conditions in the middle in the forest, in a makeshift camp made of tents that do not protect them from heavy rains and other difficult weather conditions of this region. The sanitary situation makes them particularly vulnerable to diseases, including the malaria epidemic that started after the earthquake.

Support this project and donate generously to make their dream come true. The dream of a home and education and the chance to give them a better future.


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