Drinking Water for Humanity.

Water is the core element enabling any type of life on Earth. It is essential for the development of plants and animals and remains the main resource that enables human beings to survive. Today, more than 600 million people do not have access to drinking water. In many countries, increasing desertification threatens entire populations with extinction. In fact, 84% of those without access to water survive only through agriculture. Lack of water is a direct cause of poverty and increased inequality, because without it millions of people cannot cultivate their land or raise livestock for food.

All over the world and particularly in Africa, people have to travel dozens of kilometers every day to get water. In the majority of cases, this difficult task is carried out by women and girls, which prevents them from going to school or engaging in any other gainful activity. This water is not only difficult to obtain, but often it is also contaminated. Studies have revealed that 80% of diseases are related to the consumption of non-potable water or to poor sanitation. That causes the death of millions of people every year around the world.


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